Butyl Surgical Fit Gloves

StyleNormal ThicknessLengthSizesFinish
CP-14F14 mil14"7 8 9smooth
CP-14FR14 mil14"7 8 9rough-grip

Guardian® chemical resistant gloves are manufactured with a unique solution-dipped process, providing unparalleled protection for users. Tight molecular structures are the key to chemical impermeability. Our state-of-the-art microprocessors provide accurate controls every step of the way, from mixing our proprietary compounds... to dipping... to drying and curing, in order to attain the necessary strength.

Butyl Surgical Fit Rubber Gloves are designed for comfort, security, and dexterity.

These gloves have the same chemical resistant properties as the standard line of Butyl Gloves. They protect against: nerve and mustard agents, acids, alkalis, MEK, MIBK, acetone, and other chemicals. The fitted style, CP-14F, is also available with Rough-grip finish for greater grip capability.

The medium weight style, CP-14FR, is available with a pumice overdip for greater grip capability. Also available with Rough-grip finish for greater grip capability.

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