Legal Reference:  "Herbicide Concerns"

Herbicide use has been around for many decades, Roundup alone has been used since the mid-1970s. This case reminds us how threatening some chemicals can be to the human body. Humans often do not think about the dangers a chemical may cause, until we read, watch, or personally experience a negative result from said chemical. Here at Guardian we often hear customers say things like “it is just X chemical” or “I am only using that chemical briefly”.  The above case is further reason to why Guardian continues to emphasize the use of proper PPE (personal protective equipment) for the job. The long-term effects of some chemicals on the human body are yet be determined, which is a scary fact and more the reason why the proper PPE is a MUST! Below is a link that further highlights the damages can be caused by not wearing the proper PPE, and allowing over exposure to chemicals to occur.

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