Recently the news has been loaded with stories about trying to reduce waste - whether it is from a large coffee shop chain creating a new lid, to the entire state of California banning straws– the overall idea of reducing waste and potential ocean pollution has been at the forefront of news on all major media outlets (see links to full news stories below).


Guardian believes in recycling and trying to get the most out of the products we purchase. We are urging the safety/PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) industry to do the same! As an industry we are continuing to buy vast amounts of disposable gloves (often times not for the correct application) and throwing away thousands a day! There are applications that a Guardian glove could be used, decontaminated, and used again – this is just one of many ways to reduce the waste produced at a facility!

Overall, Guardian’s chemical resistant line holds out many chemicals, the gloves can be re-used, which has proven to tremendously reduce waste and they offer fantastic chemical protection. No glove is a perfect fit for every application, but when a Guardian glove is used in the correct application, the ability to reduce waste increases exponentially.